10 Fragen an Krister Larsson, Director of International Operations

By 03/02/2015Etix Inside

Krister Larsson joined Etix in January 2001. Born and raised in Malmo, Sweden, he came to the United States on a scholarship to play tennis at N. C. State University.And his prior work history reflects his background in tennis. After graduating from N. C. State, Krister played and coached tennis for several years. Working as a club pro, he organized tennis events and exhibitions–experiences that served, in a way, as his introduction to ticketing.

1. You’ve been working at Etix for more than a decade. What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?

During my tenure at Etix, I’ve seen the public accept the idea of printing tickets at home. In 2001, we were the only company offering this service. And, at first, customers couldn’t believe that a ticket printed at home was a real ticket! But then the airlines followed suit and now the practice is commonplace. All in all, I’m very proud of the fact we were the first company to do this.

2. What’s the best thing about working at Etix so far?

I can’t name just one thing, so I’ll name two: I love the people and I love the variety of the work.

3. Since you’re Swedish, was your first live event an ABBA concert?

Oh, no. It was the Rolling Stones in the Berlin Olympic Stadium circa 1985.

4. What’s your favorite live event of all time?

Our first Formula 1 race with 150,000 spectators in Shanghai in 2004.

5. So now we know your favorite live event. What’s your dream live event?

Watching Sweden win a World Cup soccer championship would be the ultimate event to witness. Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen, at least not in my lifetime. But a guy can always dream.

6. What would you be doing if you weren’t working in ticketing?

Hopefully, I’d be doing something sports-related.

7. Does that mean that you still spend your spare time honing your tennis serve?

Well, nowadays I love to play golf, watch golf, practice golf and have a beer after all the golf! Golf!

8. With your extensive background in sports, do you have a favorite sports team or sports star?

The Carolina Hurricanes are my favorite team. But there’s a caveat. If the Swedish national soccer team is playing a big game, it’s number one. On the amateur level, I’m a huge fan of my son’s soccer and basketball teams. I even coach the soccer team!

9. To paraphrase Johnny Cash, “you’ve been everywhere, man.” Where have you been?

When I was younger, I traveled a lot within Europe because the countries are so close together. And working as the Director of International Operations at Etix has given me the opportunity to travel to Asia and South America as well. I’ve also had the privilege to live for an extended period of time in three different countries, which has been an amazing education. I hope my kids get a chance to do the same some day.

10. And are you favorite vacation spots still international?

Nowadays, my idea of an ideal vacation is relaxing with the family at Sunset Beach, NC.

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