Case Study: Lucky Man Concerts


Meet Lucky Man Concerts, one of our concert promoter clients in Tempe, AZ. We helped the Lucky Man team build and evolve their email marketing strategy to support selling tickets to more than 10 venues that they promote. So far this year, Lucky Man has seen an 18% increase in revenue. Here are a few ways Lucky Man gets the most out of email and continues to win conversions:

A consistent email schedule.

We set Lucky Man up with a MailChimp account in May, 2012. Ever since, we’ve worked with their team to build and send a weekly email to the full list. Nowadays, the most dedicated fans know what to expect and new subscribers get the idea very quickly.

An email the fans want.


Lucky Man Mobile

Lucky Man emails are always to the point, with big announcements at the top and upcoming shows below. Occasionally, we’ll send big onsale and presale announcements to fans who have shown interest in a similar genre or show. A low overall unsubscribe rate of 0.2% shows that our fans continue to find value in the weekly emails and occasional announcements.

A healthy list.

Maintaining the health of your email list is just as important as growing it. Sure, your subscriber count might drop, but removing inactive email addresses cuts costs and returns data on recipients that matter. With an open rate 1.6 times higher than the industry average, and a click rate almost double the industry average, we’d say the list is in good shape. However, another list-cleaning may be coming down the pipeline soon. Our motto: quality over quantity!

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