Case Study: Music City Roots

 Music City Roots


“Our new site is better looking, cleaner and faster. It’s far easier to update and the Rockhouse team has been responsive and nimble. We have plenty to worry about putting a four-artist show on every week and distributing it across a half dozen platforms. It’s nice that the website is no longer one of those worries.”

Craig Havighurst, Senior Producer, Music City Roots


Earlier this year, Nashville-based Music City Roots worked with Etix and Rockhouse Partners to build an easy-to-edit, fully responsive website that’s designed to sell tickets, drive traffic to their Livestream, and grow their audience.

The Wins

  • More revenue through the website: since launch, sales through the website have made up 73% of overall ticket sales.
  • A responsive experience: With 40% of site traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices, having a responsive website for any device ensures a quality ticket purchase experience
  • More engagement with original content: Year-over-year, Music City Roots was able to increase pageviews on their original blog content by 42%.
  • Increased time on site: Year-over-year website analytics show that the average website visitor engaged with 13% more pages per session and spent 2.5% more time on the website.


The Challenge

  • Give prominent exposure to great content through a well-developed website layout and optimal user experience.
  • Spread the word that Music City Roots has moved to a new venue by leveraging their current customer base and increasing exposure to new audiences.
  • Increase engagement with Music City Roots’ original content to help drive ticket sales and site visits.


The Plan

Define the optimal user experience that meets Music City Roots’ goals

  • Through combining historical data and best practices, we created a website wireframe focused on meeting Music City Roots’ goals of selling tickets and sharing original content.

Design a “Next Show” sidebar feature for any device

  • We wanted to make seeing upcoming shows at Music City Roots and purchasing tickets to those shows as easy as possible. The “Next Show” sidebar feature does just that!

Structure the homepage to highlight original news and content

  • Through an image rotator and list of original content on the homepage, we wanted to make sure visitors could easily find and engage with content without digging around the site for it.


Next Steps

  • Continue to monitor ticket sales per show and year-over-year growth.
  • Early data shows that increased exposure to Music City Roots’ original content correlates with an increase in ticket sales, so that will be a trend we continue to watch.
  • Use the website to drive an even larger audience to their Roots Radio show Livestream and soon-to-launch Live Broadcast application.
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