Case Study: VIRginia International Raceway

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“Etix and Rockhouse Partners worked with us to make sure our most visible asset (our website) was also our most effective in helping to increase revenue. Additionally, they help us week in and week out with our key analytics and measurements.”

Mike Rose, Director of Marketing at VIRginia International Raceway

The Challenge

  • Bring VIR’s two websites under one roof——featuring everything the property has to offer.
  • Maintain a focus on industry-leading user experience and optimization across all devices when designing, building and launching the website redesign.
  • Sync the new design and branding across social media and email marketing to increase brand familiarity and drive ROI.

The Plan

1. Strategy & Planning
  • Collaborated with the VIR team on the most effective ways to convey the high-value offerings of the property while focusing on the key business goals of driving revenue and building their audience.
2. Designed, Built and Measured
  • Designed and built a new, fully responsive
  • Used data from Google Analytics to ensure the most important pages remained easily accessible.
  • Mirrored the new website design in the email template and measured campaign effectiveness with every send.
3. Finalized and Fine-Tuned
  • Conducted a thorough QA process to ensure website accuracy and performance.
  • Acted on internal and external feedback, ensuring the website meets the needs of all VIR stakeholders.
  • Utilized A/B subject line testing and segmentation to drive higher email open rates.

The Results

Year-over-year* wins include:

  • More revenue from the website: 179% increase in ticket revenue though
  • More revenue from email: 284% increase in ticket revenue tracked through email campaigns.
  • A more effective website: 8% more visits, 16% more pageviews and 209% more mobile visits.

The Next Steps

  • Continue to monitor and improve website performance.
  • Use email segmentation to earn open rates of over 50%. Step 1: start sending “Thank You” emails to buyers after an event.
  • Develop a website, email and social media plan for the off-season.

Meet The Players

Mike Rose and Crista Walker, VIRginia International Raceway

Ben Wingrove, Etix

Zack Wright, Rockhouse Partners


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*Year-over-year data covers May 13 – July 24, 2013 and 2014