“Thank you! You’ve come to our rescue as usual!”

– Julie Loignon, Vice President of Public & Media Relations, Circuit of The Americas

The Players

  • Geoff Moore, Chief Revenue Officer, Circuit of The Americas
  • Regan Holley, Vice President of Marketing, Circuit of The Americas
  • Julie Loignon, Vice President of Public & Media Relations, Circuit of The Americas
  • Jason Asci, Director of Ticketing, Circuit of The Americas
  • Brian Bauer, Director of Sales and Marketing, Rockhouse Partners

The Wins

  • Directly generated over $9 million in tracked sales from online marketing with an estimated value of more than $13 million.
  • 588% email list growth since August 2011. Grew from 0 to nearly 500,000.
  • 1,300% social fanbase growth since August 2011.
  • 2:1 monthly email list attrition ratio.
  • Email open rate 18 points above industry average; click rate 3.5 points above industry average.

The Challenges

  • Create excitement and sales for a property that’s more than a year away from its first ticket onsale.
  • Promote sales throughout the event life cycle for a brand new venue with a brand new staff.
  • Tell the COTA story and provide high-touch community management during major events.
  • Manage and maintain fan base after the excitement of the first event wears off.

The Solutions

Strategy and Planning

  • Working with the COTA team, we utilized analytics and experience to promote ticket sales, build their database from the ground up, nurture their communities, and build excitement around events.

Designed, Built, and Measured

  • Utilized contesting and partnerships to build digital fanbase.
  • Built content strategies around fan analytics to maximize engagement and conversion.
  • Segmented messaging to increase open rates, click rates, and sales.
  • Created highly detailed social media schedules for race weekends, designed to promote the COTA brand by placing emphasis on revenue-generating items and high-engagement events.

Finalized and Fine-Tuned

  • Measured our email and social media results on a weekly basis. Refocused our strategies on our more successful efforts.
  • Undertook frequent audits of COTA’s ticket processes.
  • Built recap decks following each major COTA event, complete with success metrics and recommendations to make future events even more successful.

The Next Steps

  • Continue to provide strategic support for the Circuit of The Americas team as they continue to grow and add more events.