Festival Success: Beer & Digital Marketing

By 07/08/2013Sonstiges


We love hearing from our clients, especially when they invite us to their beer festivals, and especially when it sounds like this:


“Our Etix Connect rep Kelly is responsive and reliable and he’s always on the ball. He makes us feel like we’re the only client he’s working with.”

Trevor Cravens

Wisconsin Beer Lover’s Festival Organizer and President & COO of Draft Magazine

– – –

The Wisconsin Beer Lover’s Festival (WBLF, for short) celebrates Wisconsin’s finest craft brews, and features selections from more than 30 native breweries. PLUS, tons of local restaurants and cheese makers make their fares available, so what’s not to love?


The skinny on WBLF


The Challenge

  • Sell more tickets (of course!)
  • Activate digital media channels: email and social
  • Build long-term event security through a bigger email database


The Solution

Working with our crack team at Etix Connect (our digital marketing crew), we partnered up and hunkered down to deliver:

  • A new website: a redesign and relaunch helped sell tickets, merchandise and more.
  • Email marketing strategy: we made it easier to ‘get on the list’ and added a ‘Thank you for registering’ email. It’s nice to be nice, we think.
  • Social media posts: we got creative and fans got engaged.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Google adwords and Facebook ads to drive targeted offers for tickets.
  • “Ultimate Beer Lovers” contest: to build the email database and audience. Who doesn’t love beer?


The Results

1. More ticket sales:

  • 67% increase in online ticket sales compared to 2012
  • 64% of tickets sold online; 8,000+ unique visitors to the new website

2. Building the email database and monetizing it:

  • 20% increase in new email addresses from early 2013
  • 26% of all tickets sold through 11 email campaigns including a contest email with a 7% click rate – more than 3 times the industry average

3. Contests to build social engagement:

  • 568 new Facebook Likes gained through Facebook Ad campaign

4. More happy beer drinkers…


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