How Do You Get Tickets to the Super Bowl?

Firstly: no, we cannot give you tickets to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is unequivocally the number one sporting event in the United States. According to Statistic Brain, the highest television rated Super Bowl had a Nielsen rating of 49.1%! Simply put, the Super Bowl is a major event with an astronomical demand for tickets.

Given its popularity, it should be no surprise that tickets for the Super Bowl are incredibly difficult to obtain. You can’t buy them for face value through any primary sellers, but where do those $3,000 tickets on the secondary market come from? How do you become one of those lucky people who pays the face value of $600-$1,200 for a ticket?

According to ESPN and Huffington Post, each team playing in the Super Bowl typically receives 17.5% of available tickets to distribute. As for all other NFL teams, they get approximately 40% of all available tickets. The team hosting typically gets 5% of all tickets, meaning the 29 additional teams will each be able to distribute a whopping 1.2% of all available ticket inventory via their own random lotteries (mostly to Season Ticket Holders).

How about going directly through the NFL? The National Football League keeps about 25% of tickets to distribute, and these mostly go to official league sponsors and corporate executives. The NFL also holds an annual ticket lottery that you can enter from Feb. 1 to Sept. 1 in the year preceding the game wherein they allow a few hundred fans to purchase up to two tickets for face value to the game.

So, to revisit our question, how do you get tickets to the Super Bowl? Well, if you’re not willing to shell out $3,535 on average for the Big Game, you’re going to have to rely on luck. Oh, and being a Season Ticket Holder apparently doesn’t hurt your odds.