It's Hammer Time

By 05/05/2013Etix Inside

This weekend, we had the opportunity to spend a Saturday with Habitat County of Wake County and sharpen our construction skills. We quickly learned which members of the Etix team knew how to operate a power tool and those who weren’t got to work with a trusty hammer and handful of nails. The theme of the day was “It’s Hammer Time” as we worked to install siding and roofing on the house.

We had the chance to work alongside the future residents of the house we were building and hear their stories. And after 8 hours of nailing siding into their house, we felt like friends.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity for letting us join in on such a fantastic cause. We’re already looking forward to making this an Etix tradition!


Ben displays his balance and agility on top of the roof.


Shon and Matt prep the house for siding.


Our own Evan Price left a note, which guest hammerer Annie shares.


Event organizer Tracie and Mary get ready to cut and install siding.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, visit their website.