Knowing Your Digital Value

“Eventually, your digital assets will be as valuable as anything physical that you have in the building.”

– Joe Kustelski at VenueConnect 2014

Our CEO Joe Kustelski delivered a presentation about digital marketing and sponsorship benefits at this year’s VenueConnect conference in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few gems and takeaways!

1. “Half art, half science.”

Marketing certainly isn’t a hard science, but there are things you can do to bring a little order to the chaos. Look to your data to find out what your digital assets are really worth.

2. Digital marketing takeover!

In terms of overall marketing revenue, the web has been rapidly outpacing all other media sources. This trend is not going to turn around anytime soon, so embrace it and make it work for you.

3. Grow your email database.

Email gives you a chance to reach individuals, so work to develop your email database. Use innovative strategies like email capture contesting to build your database to make it the most valuable digital asset of all.

4. Provide your sponsor with a recap deck.

Providing your sponsors with a recap of the work you did together can make a huge positive difference in your relationships. Take a moment to put together a recap deck and make sure your sponsors and partners know their time and money was well-spent.

5. Create shared memories. 

Try giving your sponsors a framed photograph from your event. They will surely appreciate the gesture and it may improve your chances of future collaboration.

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