Offer Discounted Hotel Rooms To Your Ticket Buyers

Now Offering Free Hotel Booking Engines To All Clients!




You might have heard about our recent alliance with Uber, which is already bringing added value to our clients and their ticket buyers. But that’s not all we’ve been up to.

Today, we’re excited to announce another new, amazing perk for our clients that’s completely free of charge: a custom hotel booking engine!

Check out the benefits:


  • New revenue stream. You’ll earn a percentage of all rooms booked, plus you can sell advertising on the booking engine webpage and in the hotel confirmation email.
  • More data for targeted marketing. Captured info will help grow your email list and provide new insights on customers.
  • Turnkey and white-label. The platform looks like your website, the user experience is streamlined, and it’s live in a matter of days.
  • Added value for fans. We actively acquire exclusive room inventory and offer the cheapest available rates (~25% off public rates).
  • Help children in need! Powered by Hotels for Hope, and at no cost to you, $2 from every room night will be donated to children’s charities.


Ready to get started?


>> Contact Brian Bauer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Rockhouse Partners / 646.484.6187