10 Questions with CTO Bob Seaton

Bob Seaton moved from Austin, TX to join Etix as Chief Technology Officer earlier this year. Before Etix, Bob led and built technology teams and products at PayPal, Visa and Motorola.

1. At what point did you realize you’d be spending the rest of your life in technology?

I’ve always been innately curious about how things worked, and it drove my love for both science and technology.

When I was about six years old on a Christmas afternoon, my parents came up to see “what was going on,” and to their dismay they found me on the  floor with all of my new toys completely disassembled. I had to see what made them “tick.” They were horrified. I thought it was the best Christmas ever!

2. One thing you miss about Austin?

Two words: breakfast tacos (from Rudy’s)—bacon & egg with a touch of salsa. To help me get over this loss, we’re cooking a Thanksgiving breakfast for everyone at Etix featuring our own homemade breakfast tacos.

A Rudy's Breakfast Taco

A Rudy’s Breakfast Taco

3. Favorite place to go out in Raleigh?

I absolutely love the parks and greenway system around Raleigh. The weather has been superb (coming from Texas, I have a special appreciation for the rain) so when I’m not at work, we’re outside!

4. One piece of technology you use everyday?

Google — it seems to make its way into my life multiple times a day.

5. Personal hero?

Albert Einstein. He changed the way we perceive the universe.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

6. Any hidden talents?

I am an Eternal Optimist…but I don’t think that’s very well hidden. 🙂

7. Why Etix?

The opportunity to be part of, and to help define the story at this point in time. The vision of what we need to do is clear, and we are the ones that will make that vision a reality.

I LOVE being part of a team whose purpose and strongest desire is to serve our customers, not in some vague, abstract way, but with the focused and tangible goal of completely taking the burden of ticketing off their hands.

Etix is the perfect blend between an established company (since 2000, with strong revenue) and a startup (80+ folks) — we have a great customer base and are small enough to respond nimbly to their needs. I have the opportunity to work directly with our customers, to directly understand their needs, and then guide the technology organization to solve those problem in a simple/elegant/effective way.

I have absolutely the best job in the world.

8. Give us your favorite Etix client story in three sentences or less.

Trish Dunlap from Delaware State Fair said it best: “Your guys are great, they gave me what I asked for, quickly. And after we worked on the problem a little more, they gave me what I needed.” Our clients look to us to leverage our wealth of knowledge in ticketing and technology to come up with solutions that help them run their business more effectively.

Delaware State Fair

Delaware State Fair

9. What’s the most exciting thing coming up in Etix technology?

Mobile products, actionable data and continuing to improve our User Interface (UI) to help our clients sell tickets.

10. What would you be doing if you weren’t in technology/software?

I’d be a physics teacher. I love seeing the light go on and changing the way people perceive the world.

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