The Email Setlist for February: Segment Your List and You Won’t Believe the Results

By 27/02/2015Etix Marketing

We can’t stress enough how valuable email marketing can be, but there can always be too much of a good thing. When you send out an email, do you send to every subscriber every time? Studies have shown that this can actually do harm to your business—and your list. Even more research shows that you will increase response and boost sales by sending relevant content to subgroups within your list.

In fact, if you do it correctly, you may find that you will never send to your full list again. It’s not hocus pocus, segmentation is your friend, and it leads us to our next New Year’s resolution.

Some of you may ask, “How can you know that someone doesn’t want to read every email?” Most subscribers can’t tell you in person but instead are showing you by unsubscribing, reporting you as SPAM or just outright ignoring you. They likely get an overwhelming number of emails every day, meaning the fight is on to stand out in their inbox. If your content doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, your next email will be overlooked, or worse.

Let’s first talk about why segmentation matters, with a little help from our 70’s rock heroes:

Don’t Do Me Like That: Understand the risk with opt-ins.

Are you familiar with Greymail? It’s legitimate, opted-in email that gets marked as SPAM or ignored. Even though they may have opted-in to a list—such as during an ecommerce transaction—many recipients will trash marketing emails if they don’t find them of interest. If your audience consists of people who provided an email address during the purchase process, you might be sending greymail, and it’s important to be aware of the risk.

People Are Strange: Each audience member is unique.

While the members of your list may have you as an overall commonality, it’s rare that everyone will want to hear about the same thing. While you can’t send a personalized email to everyone on the list, finding smaller groups that exist in your audience and speaking to them about the things they care about will be appreciated with better response rates and a higher ROI.

You Better You BetImprove your sending reputation.

An active, engaged audience that opens and clicks your campaigns will protect your reputation with the system that directs your campaign to inboxes. If you send too many emails that perform poorly, they will begin to be diverted to spam folders or dropped completely.

Segmentation is key for smart marketers who rely on emails being welcomed by subscribers. More and more each day, your audience counts on it too. So, how do you get started? Here are some quick tips:

Start Me Up: Ask questions up front.

Last month we focused on using your signup process to give people the option to self-select interests. Other than learning genre preferences or demographic information, you can use this tool to get creative. Find people interested in other venues, volunteering opportunities and more.

Learning To Fly: Listen to your audience.

Over time, segments will start to show up in your email response data if you are looking for them. Stay flexible and open; don’t let preconceived notions of what you think your audience wants to receive get in the way. Allow yourself a couple of months worth of data and then dive on in. Here are some great first steps from Rockhouse Partners.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: In for the long haul.

Just when you think you’ve got your audience figured out, things will change. Set yourself a reminder to revisit your data every six months or so. You can also make it easy for subscribers to change over time by encouraging them to update their preferences every now and then.

She Works Hard For The Money: Let your data work for you.

The Etix Community tool provides a multitude of ways to segment your audience based on past purchases, lifetime spend and demographic information. Use your data to your advantage—it is yours after all. For example, inform the people who’ve attended rock shows about similar artists coming to your venue, or find your biggest spenders and treat them to some VIP perks. The possibilities are endless and the personal touch may make all the difference.

Now that you know the value (and benefit) of segmentation, we hope this Setlist has pumped you up to target that list, engage your audience, and or course, sell more tickets! Have further questions about Etix’s integrated ticketing and marketing solutions? Reach out for more information and stay tuned for next months “The Setlist”.

Now, go out and rock those inboxes!

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