Case Studies: Summer Ends Music Festival


“For the inaugural Summer Ends Music Festival, we were challenged with getting the word out and tickets out the door. Rockhouse Partners was able to help us accomplish our goals through strategic email marketing and retargeting campaigns.”

– Tom Lapenna, Owner, Lucky Man Concerts LLC

Rockhouse Partners gets impressive results from retargeting

Creating and promoting a new music festival would probably not rank on a list of easiest things to organize. With so many details, sometimes you need a little assistance to lighten the load. That’s why when Etix client Lucky Man Concerts set out to promote their inaugural Summer Ends Music Festival, they knew Rockhouse Partners would help them reach the audience they were looking for.

The Challenge

To build their audience for this inaugural festival, Rockhouse Partners put together an email marketing campaign based on Lucky Man’s existing database. This is a tried and true method, but they wanted to do more, so they tried something new: retargeting ads.

How does retargeting work?

AdRoll, a leading company in retargeting, put it like this, “Retargeting works by tagging visitors who visit your site that do not convert and then displaying your ad messages to them as they visit other sites online.”

The Results

Lucky Man Concerts earned an incredible 1,270% return on their investment! Rockhouse Partners did a little research on how the different types of ads stacked up:

    • Facebook mobile ads were the most effective with 0.23 conversions per $1 spent
    • Web ads came in second with 0.10 conversions per $1 spent
    • Facebook Desktop Ads were least effective with  only 0.06 conversions per $1 spent

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