Celebrating 15 Years at Etix

By 19/01/2015Sonstiges

If we could have only one core value, it’d be ‘Service.’

As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary this week, we’re applauding our employees who have been with Etix over 10 years or Rockhouse Partners for 5 years.

Dale Liszka—5 Years (Rockhouse Partners)
  1. Brews palatable beer and delectable tech solutions.
  2. Still delighted by dinosaurs, construction equipment and trick-or-treating.
  3. Retired three-time amateur competitive eating champion.
Matt Price—13 Years
  1. Reigning Raleigh office corn hole champion.
  2. Only carnivore in a family of vegetarians.
  3. Once taught tennis to US Open golf champion Webb Simpson.
Ben Wingrove—13 Years
  1. Was a (hack) guitarist in a (terrible) band.
  2. Aficionado of all things “Tiki.”
  3. Still learning to surf after 10+ years.
Krister Larsson—14 Years
  1. Highlight of his tennis career was practicing with Rod Laver.
  2. Ideal Saturday night is cooking pasta with the kids at home.
  3. Nicknames include: ‘Swede,’ ‘Coach,’ and ‘Dr. Silk.’
Weigen Liang—14 years
  1. Former competitive bridge player.
  2. Has passed on his passion for mathematics to his sons.
  3. Plans to become a farmer if and when he retires.
John Peeples- 14 Years
  1. Lifelong Georgia Bulldog fan who attended the University of Florida.
  2. First computer: Texas Instrument TI-99/4 with an RF modulator.
  3. As a child, watched the SS Norway leave port, which led to a lifelong love of cruises.
Qi Zhao—14 Years
  1. Enjoys volleyball and basketball.
  2. Likes to eat Chinese food.
  3. Really likes to play ping pong.
Greg Briley—15 Years
  1. Parted ways with his folding table/desk of 12 years during recent office renovations.
  2. Music taste includes Bassnectar, Eminem, Alabama Shakes, and Adele.
  3. Once received a technical while coaching a church league hoops game. True story.
Travis Janovich—15 Years
  1. Started a rock club in Richmond with Ben Wingrove.
  2. Learned why not to open a rock club in Richmond.
  3. Bought Hopscotch!