Etix Case Study: Jam Productions, Ltd.

Earlier this year, we showcased a new website for Lucky Man Concerts, brought to you by Rockhouse Partners. The website featured specific functionality that allowed visitors to filter shows by venues they were interested in. Now, we’re happy to unveil another promoter website, this time for Jam Productions, Ltd.!

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Located in Chicago, Illinois, Jam Productions, Ltd. is a forty-year-old, full service concert and special events producer. Not to mention, they are the largest independent producer of live entertainment in the United States!

The challenge: As with Lucky Man, Jam needed a method of displaying a ton of shows at many different venues. There were also a few ideas that Jam’s Andrew Kaplan and Carly Susral brought to the table that have augmented their fans’ experience when visiting the website.


1. Easy to Buy Tickets. Fans are always no more than two clicks away from buying a ticket. Rockhouse uses big purple buttons – purple is consistently the call-to-action color.

2. Email Collection on Every Page. The one field entry process quickly gets fans subscribed to the mailing list. And, because Jam has two markets, Chicago and Minneapolis, fans can pick the list to which they want to subscribe.

3. Socially Connected. Easy to find social profile links are at the top of every page and the ability to share or RSVP to specific shows through virtually any social media platform puts the power of marketing the show into fans’ hands.

4. SEO. The site is search engine-friendly with descriptive titles and metadata. Rockhouse also bakes in rich snippets with event information that search engines can use to display on search result pages, take a look:

Mobile new website resized

5. Mobile Friendly. Over 20% of traffic to is from a mobile device, and that number will continue to grow! It’s important for Jam to have an easy to use interface when a visitor is using their phone focused on show information, ticket purchasing and venue details.


1. 4 Sites In 1. Jam has three venues they operate and manage web presences for: Riviera Theatre, Park West and The Vic. Not only did Rockhouse create a new site for Jam, but each venue received a new design and live as interior pages within


2. Show search. Rockhouse has added a search for shows that auto-populates with upcoming band names, making it easy for fans to jump to the show they’re interested in.

3. Show Filtering by Venue or Market. On the Jam homepage, all upcoming shows are listed – keep scrolling and you’ll see them all. In the left sidebar, fans have options to filter the shows by showcased venues or by market.

Jam Productions

4. On Sale This Week. Found in the sidebar, this is a custom feed of events going on sale for the current week for select venues, as determined by Jam.

5. Options to Hide Events from the Homepage Listing. We mentioned above that all shows could be found on the homepage… if Jam wants you to! So when would this be used? As a promoter, Jam provides web presence to venues that occasionally host events produced by other clients. In such situations it makes sense for the event to populate on the venue site but not on the Jam homepage.


The first two months of the site being up, compared to the two months prior to launch, web traffic skyrocketed!

Check out these stats:

1. Visits increased by over 264%.

2. Google Traffic increased by 961.44%.

3. Traffic to ticket purchase pages on increased by 15%.

One additional stat we found pretty amazing: 25% of single page visits exit directly to Etix to a ticket purchase page.

Visit: to take a look around. Let us know what you think!

If you’re in need of a website, we’re happy to put you in touch with the team at Rockhouse! They are the professionals when it comes to building your website with a proven foundation for selling tickets and the flexibility to meet your custom needs.

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