Etix, a leading online and full box office ticketing solution, announced yesterday that it has now partnered with more than 100 fairs and festivals in the United States to provide Web-based ticketing software and digital marketing services.

From large state fairs to smaller specialty fairs and festivals, Etix provides ticketing for a variety of events. Etix works with many of the country’s largest state fairs, including the Minnesota State Fair, the New York State Fair and the North Carolina State Fair. Etix also works with a variety of festivals, including multi-day music festivals, beer fests and food and cultural expos.

The Oklahoma State Fair, one of the largest state fairs in the United States, was the 100th fair to partner with Etix.

“Etix is proud to partner with the biggest fairs in the nation,” said Etix CEO Joe Kustelski. “Our ticketing software was designed to handle complex ticketing arrangements, and it works for all types of venues and events. We’ve seen great success in the fair market because of our platform’s flexibility and scalability.”

The company’s Web-based ticketing software allows fairs to manage their complex ticketing needs, including gate admission, credentialing, advanced midway tickets and reserved seating and general admission concerts.

Partnerships with Stark RFID and also allow Etix’s fair clients to offer enhanced experiences to their patrons with radio frequency identification technology, social media integration and online scheudling.

According to the company’s VP of Sales, Ben Wingrove, Etix stays involved in the fair and festival scene through its partnerships with Western Fairs Association and the International Association of Fairs and Expositions.

“Our relationships with WFA and IAFE allow us to stay active in the fair and festival industries so we know how to better serve those clients and best suit their unique needs,” said Wingrove.

Etix’s roster of fairs and festivals sees continued growth year after year. Several of its fair clients, including Kitsap County Fair and Stampede and the Nebraska State Fair, saw record or elevated attendance this year.

Etix Connect, Etix’s marketing solution, has helped several fairs use digital media to engage with fair-goers and boost revenue. The Miami-Dade Fair, the State Fair of West Virginia and the Delaware State Fair are just a few clients who have seen increased revenue and engagement with Etix Connect.

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