Increase Revenue With Our Pre-Sale Email Capture


In most event timelines, there’s a gap of a few days between a show announcement and its on sale. Fan interest first builds during the announcement, and we know the importance of taking that initial interest and converting it into sales. That’s where our pre-sale email capture comes in! Using it is a great way to increase revenue while learning more about your best customers.

This feature has only been live for a few months, but check out the incredible results we’ve seen so far:

The Wins

    • 28% average conversion rate from emails captured through our pre-sale email tool.
    • $145,000+ in incremental ticket sales for clients.
    • 30,000+ email addresses collected in the first month of implementation.

Our Favorite Features

    • Automation: Subscribers are automatically notified via email one hour before the event goes on sale.
    • Customization: Our pre-sale email tool allows clients to customize emails with their co-brand as well as the ability to include upcoming, relevant shows.
    • Sharing Functionality: Pre-sale emails include call-outs for subscribers to quickly and easily share event and ticket purchase information with their friends through social media.

Benefits For Clients

    • Add Incremental Revenue: The automated pre-sale email tool creates a new funnel for driving sales with no extra work required. An additional $145,000+ has already been generated in the first few months that this feature has been available.
    • Grow Email Database: Incentivizing online passers-by to join the notification list will help expand your overall email database. Over 30,000 email addresses were collected during the pilot month.
    • Identify Superfans: If someone wants to be first in line for tickets, he or she will be more apt to follow-through with purchasing. Furthermore, this feature allows you to easily recognize repeat buyers.

What’s Next?

    • Send Targeted Emails: Consider creating segmented lists based on customer interests and purchase history in order to target individuals for similar events.
    • Automated ‘Thank You’ Emails: Sending a post-show email is a simple and effective method for maximizing fan loyalty and engagement. Soon, this feature will automated as well!


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