McMenamins First To Launch LoyaltyMatch Rewards Program

McMenamins Launches Loyalty Program


How can a brand keep its consumers invested in their product? Loyalty is not built overnight, but it’s essential for businesses to gain a better return on investment. After all, it costs seven times more to find new customers than it does to nurture the ones you have.

We recently partnered with LoyaltyMatch Inc., the leading developer of loyalty program platforms for entertainment venues, to make the process of implementing a rewards program as easy as possible for Etix clients.


McMenamins–located in Portland, O.R.–is the first of our clients to implement a loyalty rewards program. By embracing the new partnership with LoyaltyMatch, venues and organizations like McMenamins will see increased loyalty, ROI and more.

LoyaltyMatch makes it easy for fans of McMenamins to get rewarded for seeing the shows they love. It costs nothing for fans to Join The Band and start receiving merchandise, special experiences and more.

Here are a few of the simple ways that McMenamins’ fans can earn loyalty rewards points:

  • Sharing ticket purchases on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Taking part in various social networking contests hosted by McMenamins.


Interested in setting up a LoyaltyMatch rewards program for your venue?

Contact your Etix representative or email us at

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