Proactive Customer Service Through Social Media

By 13/08/2013Etix Marketing

It’s reality; in the live events business, there are times when EVERYONE cannot be happy, even though that’s obviously our goal. Sometimes, for example, popular events sell out, and fans that wanted a ticket may not have been able to get one.  And sometimes, when people get angry, they get on Facebook and Twitter to blow off steam.

Here at Etix we feel the best way to handle a less-than-happy fan on social media is to act quickly and proactively. Instead of being tentative with frustrated fans, we see these situations as opportunities.

A little love goes a long way, they say, and with the right approach, you can often turn an unhappy fan into a lifelong advocate.


Our partners at Rockhouse are experts in social media management, and they’ve provided their Top Five Tips for Turning Frustrated Fans into Advocates:

1. Listen and acknowledge. It starts with making sure your fans are heard. Restate and let them know you feel their pain, regardless of the fact that it may not be your fault.

2. Move the conversation to a one-on-one. Communicating directly with fans feels more personal… and typically stops wall posts.

3. Be human. If you made a mistake, ‘fess up.

4. Fix the problem. Or at least let them know that you’ve done all you can.

5. Once you’ve done everything that you can do, move on. To err is human; to forgive divine. Right? Give your fans an opportunity to achieve greatness once you’ve done your part.

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