Serving With The Big Cats

By 03/06/2014Etix Inside


This past Saturday, a group of us (along with a few significant others) volunteered at Carolina Tiger Rescue in Pittsboro, NC. We worked to move heavy items on the property for a few hours, then were led on an awesome guided tour through most of the incredible property. We saw tigers, lions, servals, mountain lions and ocelots, all up close in their enclosures. Some even came right up to the fence to say hello and were given treats of raw meat!


“The Etix volunteer day was my second trip to CTR and I highly recommend it to anyone who can go. It’s incredible to see a facility built out of human kindness, totally dedicated to giving animals a place to thrive instead of suffer. The tour guides have so much knowledge and enthusiasm, and it’s so nice to see animals in a beautiful environment being cared for by people who truly know what they need. It’s a great place to visit!”

– Ben Schnurr, Etix

Carolina Tiger Rescue started in the 1970’s as a non-profit wildlife sanctuary with the mission to save and protect wild cats in captivity and in the wild. The property spans 55 acres and currently houses approximately 70-80 animals.


Over time, Carolina Tiger Rescue has saved many wild cats, some who were owned by individuals as pets, bred illegally or used for entertainment purposes. Many of the animals have led tough lives but are now living under much better circumstances thanks to this refuge.

Carolina Tiger Rescue offers guided tours on the weekends and in the evenings, during which guests can learn all about each animal, its breed and unique history.

>> Learn more about Carolina Tiger Rescue and their guided tours.


Here’s what our team had to say about the experience:

“The Carolina Tiger Rescue is an amazing facility that provides homes for rescued animals who have been abused both deliberately and accidentally. Almost all of the work is done by volunteers, and by helping them prepare to build new facilities, we were a direct part of helping them expand to help new animals. Oh, and after we worked for a few hours, they took us on our own private tour!” – Michael Reklis

“Carolina Tiger Rescue lets you see amazing animals up close (literally, some of them were 5-6 feet from us!). However, it was bittersweet, as the fact that we needed to rescue them from horrible situations in the first place shows us that we humans still have a lot to learn about respecting these creatures, and all wild animals. CTR is truly a wonderful refuge that everyone in the area should experience.” – Cassiana Gudgenov

“It felt good to assist a sanctuary dedicated to supporting endangered species and educating the public on the sanctuary’s purpose and how it differs from a zoo.” – Todd Pryor

“Volunteering at Carolina Tiger Rescue is hard work, but it’s gratifying to know our efforts were for the benefit of a great local organization that sets the standard for sustainable and responsible animal rescue. The perfect team building experience!” – Paul Kelley