SEO Vorteil für Mobile Anwendungen

Orange Peel

FACT: 30-40% of all website visits occur on mobile devices. The desktop is no longer the dominant Internet access point for people today. Google knows about this change in the way people access the Internet and has adapted new changes in its search algorithm to better reflect mobile browsing. Google’s newest goal has been to make search results as mobile-friendly as possible – rewarding mobile-friendly websites with better visibility.

Last week, Google announced two huge algorithm changes that will highlight the user’s mobile experience and redefine the best practices of SEO.

  • App Content in Search Results – Google will begin using information from indexed apps as a factor in SEO ranking for users who have the app installed and are signed in. As a result, content from indexed apps will likely surface more prominently in search. This change will better integrate the growing world of Internet-connected apps with traditional webpages.
  • Mobile-Friendliness as a Ranking Factor – Starting on April 21st, a site’s mobile-friendliness will impact its ranking in search results. This means that users will have access to relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their mobile devices. This change is very important because the share of mobile devices has grown significantly over the last few years and will eventually dominate the Internet.

Rockhouse Partners embraces these new changes implemented by Google. The team at Rockhouse optimizes Etix clients’ digital content for the mobile experience, as 79% of people use smartphones to look up live event information at the beginning of their research.

Wagner Noel

Keeping this trend in mind, Rockhouse tailors websites, emails and purchasing pages that create a seamless user experience on any mobile device. Since mobile-friendliness is now an official ranking factor, we’re eager to see how our clients’ online positioning directly improve.

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