Top 3 Reasons to Join A Regional Ticketing Group

By 26/04/2013Etix Marketing

As a North Carolina-based business, Etix is proud to be a member of the Carolina Regional Ticketing Association, an INTIX-affiliated local ticketing group. We love getting to know and network with other ticketing professionals in our area. Here are the top reasons to join your local ticketing group:

1. Friends: We’ve made some great memories with new and old friends through the Carolina Regional Ticketing Association. Every month, we look forward to our the Tyler’s Taproom lunches.

2. Events: You’ll have the opportunity to attend regular events to connect with other members. In fact, the Carolina Regional Ticketing Association’s 2nd Annual Daily Conference is coming up on July 30, and we can’t wait!

3. Knowledge: Being a member of a regional ticketing group means that you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest ticketing trends and industry news.

>> If you’re interested in joining the Carolina Regional Ticketing Association, Contact Mandi Grimm or check out the group’s Facebook page.